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Arts and Health Report Launched - 29 June 2016

Minister John Day MLA has launched a new report into Arts activity in WA Hospitals - An Examination of use of the Arts to improve Health and Healing in Western Australian Hospitals - that provides Western Australia with an opportunity to put in place a leading edge arts and health framework that will improve health outcomes for Western Australians.

This research – the first of its kind in WA – provides a clear understanding of what is required to drive better outcomes within Arts and Health activities – a joint policy between the Department of Culture and the Arts and Health to deliver on the WA implementation of the National Arts and Health Framework and modest committed funding.

“The good news is that this ground-breaking piece of research captures the significant amount of arts activity already taking place in Western Australian hospitals,” said Chamber Chair, Helen Cook. “However this activity is currently project based only with no policy framework, broad coordination or committed resourcing on an ongoing basis.”

The research project was carried out by consultants Kim Gibson and Liesbeth Goedhart and overseen by an Arts and Health Consortium convened through the efforts of the Chamber and Keystone Partner, St John of God Health Care.

“We have a very strong belief in the healing power of the arts in many aspects of people’s lives,” said Dr Michael Stanford, Group CEO of St John of God Health Care. “The deployment of arts in our hospitals has been shown to provide improved health outcomes for patients and staff alike.”

The Chamber is very grateful for the Consortium’s assistance and oversight of this important piece of research - the first of its kind in Western Australia. Research is a fundamental ingredient in the clear understanding of what is required to drive better outcomes for the arts and health communities.

This detailed report adds to a substantial body of research carried out by the Chamber in the last three years.

“The Chamber urges the Minister to seriously consider the recommendations,” said Ms. Cook. “A policy framework and modest committed funding could make an enormous impact and expand the excellent work to date by enlightened and passionate health staff. The current ad hoc approach significantly limits the potential benefits of arts activity within health environments.

Western Australia has an opportunity to put in place a leading edge arts and health framework to enhance the health and healing outcomes in this state.”


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  • 2nd Aug 16

    Chamber thumbs up to new Museum design

    The Chamber of Arts and Culture WA welcomes Sunday’s unveiling of the concept designs for the new Museum in the Perth Cultural Centre.

    Dutch architects, Rem Koolhass and David Gianotten of OMA, have created a striking design that floats above the Perth Cultural Centre in a series of translucent layers. These layers make an architectural nod to the mineral strata found in Western Australia as well as making the inside visible from the outside.

  • 13th May 16

    Mixed results for Western Australia in Australia Council funding


    Australia Council announced today the results for the new four-year funding program for key arts and cultural organisations. This federal funding program helps support the operations of the small to medium arts and cultural organisations in Western Australia.

    The Chamber of Arts and Culture is pleased that eleven Western Australian arts and cultural organisations have been successful in obtaining funding that totals $2.55M per annum. This represents 9% of the four-year funding allocated nationally and is an increase of 3.24% in total funding of key organisations in Western Australia.

  • 12th May 16

    Little joy for arts in election year budget

    Media Release

    At first glance the state’s arts and culture sector appears to have received little comfort from an election year budget that traditionally offers some good news.

    “We know that the fiscal environment is challenging but it is disappointing that there is little evidence of new investment to foreshadow the yet to be released Strategic Directions Framework that government has worked on with the arts industry,” said Chamber of Arts and Culture Chair, Helen Cook.

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